About Us

OAKTRAV | Wollongong, NSW, Australia | Last Updated: 17 November 2017

PLAN, TRAVEL, CONNECT and SHARE your travels using OAKTRAV.

OAKTRAV is a social media platform dedicated to connecting travellers from all around the world.

Giving travellers the ability to start or grow a travel blog, share their pictures, connect with travellers, research destinations or keep track of their journey.

Originally starting out as a hotel booking website that recommended places to stay based of your location, we quickly evolved that idea into a social media platform dedicated to travellers when one of our co-founders was backpacking through South America.

He noticed the need for a good quality platform that not only brought travellers together but also helped travel bloggers connect with their audiences.

Between you and us, we also noticed that the world doesn’t need another booking company.

After all the boring business set up, we were able to get started on building OAKTRAV. After a year long journey of development, adding features along the way, we were able to build OAKTRAV into exactly what we set out to do – develop a social media platform that removes all barriers between travellers and travel bloggers.

Research Future Travels

OAKTRAV allows users to search for content by country, state, city or even street address. Using these filtration capabilities, OAKTRAV allows users to customize the content they see specific to their travels.

Go one step further and users can choose to only see either blog posts or images.

Share Your Journey

OAKTRAV allows users to share their travel experiences using our full blogging capabilities, image sharing abilities or our quick update section.

Make sure you add in the location so your content can be found!


OAKTRAV’s main aim is to connect travellers from all over the world.

With the ability to host a blog, build your current blog or take advantage of our full connection abilities we create a unique platform that removes all barriers the travellers and travel bloggers.

Creating a full service social media platform for travellers.