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Australian Backpacking on a Budget

Discover unique flora and fauna, meet friendly, open locals and explore land that’s truly exceptional. Travelling through Australia gives you the opportunity to see vast landscapes and gorgeous nature, contrasted with busy city hubs.

OAKTRAV is your one-stop for travel tips and tricks, with Australian travellers offering their own take on the massive country. From bar hopping in Sydney to swimming in the NT’s beaches, your itinerary will quickly fill up with stories and photos from avid travellers.

Why Australian travel is not to be missed

Australia’s huge landscape makes nearly every corner of the country perfect for backpacking, whether you’re travelling up the east coast, exploring the cities and beaches, or making your way from east to west, stopping over in remote towns and taking in incredible natural sites. Even Australians have plenty to explore in their own country, with so much untouched nature and so many areas to explore.

The cost of an Australian backpacking trip is completely dependent on where you decide to go. Travelling through regional hubs can be fairly cheap, but prices may go up if you choose to visit metropolitan regions. Either way, it’s easy to find budget ways to get around, and a trip immersed in unique nature is well worth the cost.

Get your itinerary sorted with the help from Aussie travellers

We encourage Australian travel bloggers to share their own adventures, from driving down Great Ocean Road to snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. OAKTRAV is a creative community that welcomes all kinds of travellers, journalists, photographers and bloggers to share their stories. Discussion and community is the best way for people to learn about the wonders of the world, so share your experiences, discover new trips and meet new people! Register your details with OAKTRAV and start sharing the way travellers were meant to.