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What’s the Best Way to Backpack in Indonesia?

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Learn how to travel through the islands on a budget

Don’t just limit yourself to the confines of Bali. Indonesia is rich with natural sights and culture, scattering throughout all of its islands. From beautiful mountains and volcanos to lush rice paddies and untouched remote areas, this country speaks over 300 languages and inhabits thousands of islands. There are so many places to explore, and backpacking in this country is one of the cheapest places to visit, so you won’t blow your daily budget. 2 weeks in Indonesia just isn’t enough!

With OAKTRAV, you can get helpful tips and tricks from avid travellers to plan your itinerary. We have created a vibrant community eager to explore the world, from bloggers to photographers. Speak with people who’ve been there, done that, or share your own stories! We’re always keen to hear how you’ve made the most of your trip, from a half year abroad to the quick weekend trip with that someone special. No matter your story, we’re dying to hear it, and you’re sure to inspire others.

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