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How Much Does A Trip To Bali Cost? How To Travel To Bali On A Budget

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If you’re a backpacker you’ve, most likely been to Bali or you’re planning to go. The same goes for families, teenagers looking to party and dads in speedos, everyone wants to experience what Bali has to offer.

There are so many unique things that make this paradise one of the most visited places in the world. The perfect weather, crystal clear waters, lush green rice farms and the relaxed culture, whatever you’re seeking, Bali has it.

While Indonesia itself is pretty cheap, Bali, being such a popular spot for tourists, is slightly more expensive compared to the other Islands.

But don’t worry, by Western standards it’s still one of the cheapest places for backpackers to visit.

If you’re asking yourself ‘how much does it cost to travel to Bali’, we got you covered. Here’s a cost break down and an outline of how to travel to Bali on a budget.

This was written when $1.00 AUD equaled 10729.00 Indonesian Rupiah. All costs are in Australian Dollar.


Why you’re traveling to Bali will decide on where you stay and ultimately determine the price of the accommodation.

Kuta, along with Seminyak, is by far the most touristy place you can visit and is filled with markets, shops, bars and nightclubs.

If you’re looking to party at night and relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world by day, this is where you’d stay.

A quick tripAdvisor search will tell you that the cheapest place to stay in Kuta will set you back $11.00 per night. Which by backpacking standards, is still sitting on the pricier side.

For backpackers on a budget, staying a little out from the popular tourist places is going to be your best bet for getting the best deal. If you look around places like Denpasar (although the capital city, not many tourists hang around) and Ubud, you can easily find accommodation for $5.00 per night but don’t expect much, nothing more than a bed and a shared bathroom.

For about $20.00, you can stay in a place on the upper end of a backpacker’s style accommodation without getting into high-end hotels. For this price you can expect a big room with a large bed, pool, wifi, private bathroom and if you’re lucky, free breakfast.

Lowest cost backpacking accommodation: $5.00

Medium cost backpacking accommodation: $13.00

Highest cost backpacking accommodation: $20.00


Food in Bali varies on price depending on what you have and where. It can be as cheap or as expansive as you’re willing to pay.

If you don’t mind looking around the local markets and trying out the amazing street food that Bali has to offer, you can expect a meal to cost as low as $1.00. Probably not as cheap as you were expecting but remember, you’re in a huge tourism country so prices are jacked up slightly.

Also, the street food isn’t always safe. While it’s generally fresh due to the high demand for authentic Indonesian street food, there are some risks. Fresh water isn’t always used for cleaning up, vegetables and meats aren’t always stored properly and sometimes out of date food can be used.

Generally, it’s safe but just be aware.

If you plan on eating in restaurants, you can almost expect the same price. $1.50 will get you a simple meal of rice and satay sticks. Splurging to about $2.00 - $5.00 will get you something a bit more and will almost certainly get you a drink.

Cheapest meal: $1.00

Medium cost meal: $2.00

Expensive meal: $5.00

You can easily go over these prices but these are a general idea.


The cost of alcohol in Bali is not as cheap as you would think due to high taxes of about 200 – 300%. It also depends on where you’re buying it. As a rule, everything is more expensive where tourists hang out. In particular, spirits are quite expensive and are almost the same cost as any western countries.

You can look here for a complete price breakdown. 

The best option is to drink Indonesia’s most popular beer - Bintang. Bintang has a similar flavour to Heineken and will cost you anywhere between $0.50 and $1.50. It isn’t the cheapest option but is the closest without having to drink something that tastes like alcoholic water.

Cheapest alcohol: $0.50 - $1.50

Medium priced alcohol: $4.00 - $6.00 (most beers)

Most expensive alcohol: $10.00 + per each drink (most cocktails)

Tip – Alcohol is significantly cheaper if you buy it from a shop, instead a restaurant or bar.


Transport can be a killer and will take up majority of your budget, if you’re not careful.  

The easiest and more than likely cheapest way to get around is by motorbike (closer to a motor scooter). This will only set you back about $5.00 per day and this way you don’t need to take public transport or hail down taxis while in the city.  A pushbike will also cost you around the same amount and is just as reliable.

For traveling between cities you will have no problem taking buses. Most towns will have at least one terminal, with cities having several.

Taxis are also a great option for people staying in the more touristy areas. There’s a flag down cost of about $0.75 and then every kilometer is about $0.20. Which is much cheaper than what we’re used to in Western countries where a kilometer can cost up to $5.00!

Cost of transport per day: $5.00 (if you plan on moving around a lot)


The cost of activities in Bali vastly varies depending on what you want to do. You can’t pinpoint a cost for all but to give you an idea here’s a list of popular activities with general costs:

Traditional Village Sightseeing Trip Full Day -  $51.50

Bali Reef Cruise - $155.00

Bali Quad Biking - $58.00

Open Water Scuba Diving Certificate - $700.00

As you can see, activities aren’t cheap but are well worth it if you’re looking for a bit of adventure.

You can see a full list here.


Internet is relatively cheap and accessible from almost anywhere in Bali. You can purchase 2gb for about $10.00 or if you go to an internet café, can get it for as little as $0.02 per minute.

Ideal Daily Budget

For a backpacker, you can get by on a budget of about $25.00, if you limit yourself to the cheaper side of living and somehow manage to only drink 1 beer a day (ridiculous).  If you can even just bump that up to $35.00 a day, you’ll be able to have more beers per day which will ultimately equal more fun and a better trip.

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