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How to Travel to New Zealand on a Budget

New Zealand | 27 days ago



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While New Zealand might not have the reputation of a cheap getaway of its close neighbours in south east Asia, this doesn’t mean it can’t be travelled to cheaply. Efficient budgeting can ensure that you can travel significant distances for a relatively small amount of money, as can an awareness of the country itself. Not doing research about the country and being surprised can be a lot of fun, but doing a bit of sleuthing can save you big money in the long run, making sure your budget is extended as much as possible.

Making your travel money count

Dolphin tours and bungee jumping between mountains might be incredible experiences, but dedicating your time to them is going wreak havoc on your wallet. Because New Zealand is built on a reputation of picturesque beauty, one of the perks of nature is that it’s free (and we encourage you to capitalise on it). Visiting beaches on the North Island, strolling through national parks or even walking up Mt Eden, Auckland’s active volcano, are all free activities that will give you an incredible taste of New Zealand.

Getting around the right way will also save you big money – when walking becomes too tiring, New Zealand has an affordable, reliable and safe public transport system that will help you get around the cities with ease for just a few dollars.

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